Cycle tour program

Accès by train and on bike is possible from Besançon.

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Touristic informations about the tours (Now in english as well)

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Monday - Valley of la Brême affluent of la Loue. L=86km D+=1074m:

• Abbaye de la Grâce-Dieu : nice place, ideal for a pause before a climb.

• The cave of la Glacière - plan a visit if interested

• Dino-zoo - prehistoric animals reconstitution, for children.

• Bonnevaux-le-Prieuré.

• The mirror (la Loue) of Scey-en-Varey, just above the ruins of castel Saint-Denis.

• Nice point of view at Malbrans - on foot, climb to the TV antennae, or shortly after the village in Villers direction: you can see the trench dug by la Loue in the plateau.500x500

Shorter version L=42km D+=430m

Intermédite version L=72km D+=855m

Tuesday - Baume les Dames, Doubs and Cusansin valleys. L=115km D+=1450m:

• Visit of comtoise houses at Nancray's museum.

• Downhill in the Doubs valley to Baume-les-Dames

• Well preserved nature in val de Cusance (springs)

• Very nice site seeings on Haut-Doubs mountains.

• EV6 bikepath is quiet upstream from Baume-les-dames.

• Route in 8 shape. The loop can be done in any direcion and can coincide with shorter tours for gathering. 500x500

Shorter version L=45km D+=390m

Intermédiate version L=60km D+=621m

Wednesday - Quingey, Oselle and EV6. L=105km D+=1130m:

• Mirror of Scey.

• Osselle lake - swimming and bar, lots of people if weather is hot

• Nice streches of EV6 downstream of Besançon

• Visit od Osselle's caves.

• Shorter route is easier and direct to Oselle's lake. 500x500

Shorter version L=69km D+=644m

Thursday - Source of Lison. L=94km D+=1444m:

• Clairon's castle to photograph while having a rest on the bridge (trouts below).

• The Alaise-Saraz-Nans part is remarkable. Traffic is minimal.

• Source of Lison is a must see. Also have a look at le Creux-Billard

• See the toolmaking plant of Nans sous Sainte-Anne.

• Variant 1: allow you to ride near the mirror of Chatillon, then climb to Lizine (viepoint on le Lison and la Loue, nice houses.

• Variant 2: at mirror de Rurey's bridge, take D102 in direction of Cussey-sur-Lison, then Echay, Myon, and D15 until you join the other tour variants. Nice village of Cussey-sur-Lison, preserved and deserted road, not to o hilly, nice viewpoints and majestic arrival at Myon.

• Variant for families: Go down to Besançon by Champlive, Laissey, EV6 and come back to Saône via EV6 direction South, then Busy, Larnod, La Vèze (mind the traffic). 500x500

Variant 1

Friday - Valley of la Loue, Gilley and Haut Doubs. L=111km D+=1600m

• Athletic tour!

• Ornans, Courbet's homeland, deserves a halt.

• Mind the touristic and motorbike traffic on the magnificient road from Ornans to Mouthier.

• Rocher de Hautepierre.

• At Gilley visit "le tuyé de Papy Gaby"

• For "col" amateurs make the detour by Crêt-Monniot's summit

• Variant for families: see the abbaye de la Grâce-Dieu and the cave of la glacière at Chaux-les-Passavant.


Variant for families L=53km D+=542m

Saturday (depending on number of persons). Forêt de Chaux. L=170km D+=960m

• Salines royales of Arc-et-Senans

• Getting through the forest of Chaux.

• Les Baraques du 14.

• Rochefort sur Nénon.