HPV World Champ. 2014
France - Franche-Comté

The Franche-Comté region, between Rhône and Rhine rivers, welcomes competitors from France, Western Europe and beyond to this year's Human Powered Vehicle World Championships.

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10km from Besançon

Saône is the base camp for this event, with races in :

Montfaucon: uphill time trial - 8 August from 5p.m.

La Vèze: speed sprints - 9 August from 10a.m.

Mérey-sous-Montrond: road criterium - 10 August from 10a.m.



To the Belvedère.

This short but steep time trial race will be held on a relatively well paved road with no difficult bends. At the finish you'll enjoy the nice scenery over Besançon and nearby rolling hills. First start planned at 5p.m. on the 8th of August. Note that the video below has not been updated yet: the part from 7:30 to 12:30 is now replaced by a less twisty and wider road.


La Vèze airport

Flat out on the flat.

Both 200m flying start and 1km standing start will take place on the very smooth surface of the airstrip. Will you beat your personal bests?. Note that this is a sensitive ecological zone, so respect the place. First start planned at 10a.m. on the 9th of August



10 times round the circuit.

This demanding 10km long (x10 laps) criterium will be held on good, but at times rather narrow, roads. The loop is varied with sharp bends, slopes to manage on the long run and exhilarating descents. If you have time enjoy the beautiful countryside as well. Mass start planned at 10a.m.on the 10th of August

Read here a detailed account of a comparison of a Velomobile vs MBB bike on this 10km loop


Eat / sleep / travel

Camping will be possible on-site in Saône at "espace du marais" (please choose appropriate option when registering); alternatively you can book commercial accommodation yourself. See Besançon tourist information.

The gîte de Monfaucon proposes a special offer for 10 days Contact them directly here.

Evening meals (see MENUS here) will be offered for an additionnal fee (to be booked when registering). Arrange your breakfasts and lunches (supermarket nearby and also several shops. Note that they close @noon on sunday.

Saône can be reached by train or on bike from Besançon. See detailed explanations with routes here


Registrations NOW OPEN!
Price is now 90€

Registrations ARE OPENED on this site.

The registration fee is 90 €, the event T-Shirt is included.

Fee accounts for insurance, time-keeping, ambulance, waste management, toilets, etc...

Registrations will close when the maximum number of entries (200) is reached.


Details you want to know :

1) Welcome :

We'll wait for you at the Espace du Marais Friday, August 8 from 10:00 to 15:00 at the latest. Join us at the registration desk, to get your bib, your chip, a guide to the world championships with a commercial leaflet and your T-shirt, your meal tickets (if you booked and payed for them in advance).

2) Checks :

Checking bikes will be made immediately after registration. Once your vehicle has been verified, a microchip (transponder) will be attached to it. You cannot take part in the event unless your vehicle(s) have been checked previously at the Espace du Marais.

3) Accommodation :

Please visit the welcome desk in Espace du Marais first. Then, you can set up camp on the reserved zone according to instructions available on site. Camping on site (free for competitors) from Thursday 7 to Saturday 16 August. Those arriving earlier are advised to seek space in the campground in Ornans.

4) Meals :

Dinner menus are online. No specific diet possible. A supermarket is located 100m and many shops are downtown. Meals will be provided from 19:30 at Espace du Marais. Make sure you have your meal tickets with you.

5) Races :

The individual start times will be posted on the web site and in Espace du Marais, be on time.

- Uphill : From 17:00 on Friday according to individual schedule.

The starting line is 1km from Espace du Marais (follow signs). Please be on the start line at the very least 5mn before your start time. If you need to bring your vehicle to the starting line by car, let us know.

- Sprint : From 10:00 on Saturday according to individual schedule. It's easy to cycle the 5km from Espace du Marais to the airport (follow signs); if required, you may also get there by car.

- 100km : Mass start at 10:30 on Sunday.

The starting line is in Merey sur Montron, about 8km from Espace du Marais. Please be there well in advance (at the very least 10mn beforehand), particularly if you come by car, as roads will be blocked. Startup grid depending on previous results; those with vehicles needing help to start will start at the back.

After the races, please return to the Espace du Marais - IMPORTANT: there will be many cycles on the road, don't ride in large groups (less than 20). Always obey the highway code. Showers available at the gym.

6) Awards :

Sunday, August 10 at the City Hall in Saône, from 15:00.

7) Touring week :

Monday 11 to Saturday, August 16; see what's on offer on this website (work still in progress). There will be different distances so everybody can choose according to ability. Final program will be displayed at Espace du Marais. Those camping will be asked a small fee to cover the costs of using the Espace du Marais facilities. Visit us at the welcome desk in Espace du Marais before setting camp.

Entertainment :

Musicians are welcome to bring their instrument(s).

See you soon in Saône!

Touring week

From Monday 11th to Saturday, August 16 ; Preliminary program is online, various loops available to suit everybody. Finalised program will be displayed at Espace du Marais.

Accommodation :

In Saône, a small fee will be charged to camp at Espace du Marais, so we can cover costs (toilets / showers in the gym - room for meals, electricity, garbage collection...).

Price per night :


free for those coming by bike

3€ for a car

6€ for campers

+ 2€ per person

Pay at the welcome desk in Espace du Marais on your last evening.

Free for championships competitors and volunteers.

Visit the welcome desk in Espace du Marais BEFORE setting camp. If we are not there when you arrive, visit us at diner time.

The room at Espace du Marais is available for means in the morning and evening ; read the regulations that will be displayed ; Everybody please make sure we leave this space in PERFECT CONDITION !

Other accommodation types available in the different villages nearby (B&B, Hotels...).

Morning starts :

From the parking lot in Espace du Marais, from 9:30, but pick whatever time suits you.

Maps will be available in Espace du Marais ; you can also download the tracks in your GPS through this web site.

Stagger departures so groups on the road contain less than 20 riders !

Picnic and sightseeing :

Picnic site is shown on map. It's up to each participant to deal with his/her lunch and any entry fee incurred for visits.

Entertainment :

Musicians are welcome to bring their instrument(s).

Security :

We ride on open roads, rules of the road and any signposted order MUST be obeyed. Groups larger than 20 riders are prohibited.

Please be courteous, respect other road users and the environment.

Make sure your cycle is in perfect working condition. Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended.

Organisers shall not be liable in case of accident or mechanical problems.

Useful numbers and addresses :

Police 17 - Fire brigade 18 - Medical emergencies 15 - From a mobile phone 112

Hospital : 2 place Saint Jacques, Besançon

ESPACE DU MARAIS, 6 Rue du Lac, 25660 Saône, France. GPS: 47.228773, 6.112875

Organisers : Marc +33 6 31 42 68 03, Olivier +33 6 31 54 18 06, Sebastien +33 6 31 78 04 73

Bicycle rental / repair : Le Relais Vélo, 36 Avenue de la 7ème Armée Américaine, Besançon

They will also be there for the weekend : Cycle JV , Velofasto, Veloboutique, Zockra, Schlitter, Radieschen, VeloVergne

Detailed regulations will be available to each participant Espace du Marais;

Each participant taking part in a ride will be deemed to have read and accepted these rules.

Enjoy your touring week !